This is my why.

After a long heartfelt conversation with my brother, also a maker, discussing our “why’s” I posted a lengthy set of videos on my Instagram Stories. You can find the video here under my “WHY.” Totally up to you (cause sometimes I’m in a place where I can’t play sound and would like the option of reading instead!)  This is the transcript below. 

Good Morning, I was having a conversation with my brother this morning about my why and I thought I would share with you guys. ‘Cause you’re the reason I’m doing all this.

Many of you who know me personally know that I worked for quite a while at a domestic violence shelter (Laurens County Safe Home.)
In fact I made it five years, a little over five years. I left in 2014 to pursue my jewelry full time. It was a job that was really hard on me. I am an empath so I absorbed a lot of the pain that these women were going thru. It was hard to feel helpless.

I can still remember thinking I really need to have something impactful to say to these women, to help them in this really awful part of their lives. Something that would make a difference…and it was really hard. So I was in this position where I frequently was one of the few people that these ladies talked to on a daily basis, when their life has seemingly hit rock bottom. So what do you do, how do you make a difference?

So I tried my best each day to just speak good words to them, things that were going to empower them and help them feel better about themselves. So they could go out and find themselves in a good relationship and empowered.

So all that to say, that it’s dawned on me lately that really, in a lot of ways, I am still wanting to be in the social work field and to help others – it’s just really in a different kinda way.

So I’m not just looking to make any kind of jewelry. I want you to be able to look down ant your wrist, look in a mirror at a necklace, and it having something on it. A date, a phrase, something personalized that’s really gonna hit your heart! Cause in many ways even thought I’m not serving the domestic violence victims at the Safe Home anymore. I am serving you and I want you to be happy with the items you buy from me and them be impactful for you.

And lastly, with my video collection, I just wanna say thank you – to every single one of you who has trusted me with your personalized jewelry. It means more to me that you could ever imagine!

xo, Jess