Sterling Silver Vintage Happy Camper Earrings


The coziness of your home on wheels and decorated just how you’d always imagined. Beautiful curtains flank the inviting vintage quilt covered daybed. You smile that it’s finally all yours as you grab your steaming cup of coffee and head outside listening to the sound of nature.

On the days when you’re stuck in your cubicle and can’t be in the great wide open, put on your little vintage camper earrings to perk you up. Just be forewarned….. they may stay on forever.


Sterling Silver Vintage Happy Camper Earrings

Our Sterling Silver Vintage Happy Camper Earrings are made of 22g sterling silver and are 6/8 inch in diameter. Sterling silver disc will be stamped with a darling little vintage camper. Posts and earring back are made of stainless steel, a hypoallergenic a material and free of nickel.

All items are hand-stamped, one hammer strike at a time.

Please know that we may have questions, so please use an email address that you frequently check & respond ASAP as to not delay your order.