Sterling Silver Roots Stud Earrings


Your Grandma’s breezy front porch, Your mama’s country fried steak, Your brother’s mesmerizing cackle. These are all your Roots. Memories like these flood our minds and we’re so grateful. Thankful to remember where we came from. Remind yourself everyday with our Sterling Silver Roots Stud Earrings


Sterling Silver Roots Stud Earrings

Our Sterling Silver Roots Stud Earrings are made of 22g sterling silver and are 1/4 inch in diameter. Sterling silver disc will be stamped with a beautiful root system Posts and earring back are made of stainless steel, a hypoallergenic a material and free of nickel.

All items are hand-stamped, one hammer strike at a time.

Please know that we may have questions, so please use an email address that you frequently check & respond ASAP as to not delay your order.