Sterling Silver Monogram Custom Coordinates Necklace


That little small country town was all she’d known. Every tiny dirt back road like the palm of her hand. She shifted between wanting to stay like her grandparents had and moving on to bigger things beyond there. As she decided to apply to that out of town college, the one she thought she’s never get into, she secretly hoped her decision would be made for her. The day the letter arrived she jumped up and down as she realized she would only be back to visit come fall. That little town held her heart and it’s location would always be close by and also hang daintily around her neck.

Our Sterling Silver Monogram Custom Coordinates Necklace can hold a lifetime of memories but a special secret to the wearer. Honor the place you grew up as well as the name you were given.


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    Please type your monogram exactly as you'd like it stamped. 


Sterling Silver Monogram Custom Coordinates Necklace

Our Sterling Silver Monogram Custom Coordinates Necklace is made up of (2) dainty 1/2 inch sterling silver disc & includes a 1.0 mm ball bead sterling chain. Chain is available in the lengths offered in the drop-down menu. It will be stamped with the coordinates you provide.

A few alternate Coordinate ideas:

  • Your child’s place of birth (be it hospital, birthing center, or your home)
  • Place where you were married
  • Place of your first date
  • Location of your childhood home
  • Anywhere on the Globe you can Imagine

Please leave your coordinates in the field provided. All items are hand-stamped, one hammer strike at a time.


Additional information

Chain Length

16 Inch, 18 Inch, 20 Inch, 24 Inch