Sterling Silver Custom Coordinate Bar Necklace


She’d fallin’ in love with so many places over the course of her life. New Orleans during that spur-of-the-moment weekend road trip in her twenties. Her first little apartment down on Highland Ave. The beach of Ft. Lauderdale as she watched the sun kiss the ocean. But her absolute favorite place is that one, you know THAT one.

Our Sterling Silver Custom Coordinate Bar Necklace can hold a lifetime of memories but a special secret to the wearer. Multiple lengths are available in case you just can’t decide. These are prefect for layering. Dress it down with a cozy sweater & jeans or dress it up with a simply black dress.


  • Find your coordinates HERE


Sterling Silver Custom Coordinate Bar Necklace

Sterling Silver Disc is 26 x 12mm & includes all sterling silver components. Sterling chain is 1.0 mm ball bead & is available in the lengths offered in the drop-down menu. It will be stamped with the coordinates of the address you provide in the notes.

Coordinates that include:

  • Your child’s place of birth (be it hospital, birthing center, or your home)
  • Place where you were married
  • Place of your first date
  • Location of your childhood home
  • Anywhere on the Globe you can Imagine
  • You can find coordinates by visiting this website

Please leave your coordinates in the Notes when you check out. All items are hand-stamped, one hammer strike at a time.


Additional information

Chain Length

16 Inch, 18 Inch, 20 Inch, 24 Inch