Sterling Dainty Coordinate Disc Necklace


She’s always had a sentimental streak. Saved cards her grandparents wrote to her long ago, ticket stubs from every concert she attended, and now a wearable piece of art reminding her daily of that life-changing day.

We all have that one amazing place that changed our lives forever. Have that spot permanently stamped in solid sterling silver. Add a dainty little addition or wear it plain – totally up to you.

  • We'll find the coordinates for you! Just leave the address of the location you'd like stamped in this box.¬†Please note that coordinates may need to be shortened to fit in the stampable area.

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Sterling Dainty Coordinate Disc Necklace

Our Sterling Dainty Coordinate Disc Necklace

  • Made of a small sterling silver stamped disc measuring 1/2 inch in diameter.
  • Item will be stamped with the coordinates listed in the box in checkout. Please note that coordinates will be shortened to fit in the stampable area.
  • Chain is 1.2 mm ball bead chain with a lobster closure and is solid sterling silver.

Need some suggestions for important spots?

  • Your child’s place of birth
  • Place where you were married
  • Fav vacation spot
  • Place of your first date
  • Location of your childhood home
  • Anywhere on the Globe you can Imagine

All items are hand-stamped, one hammer strike at a time and as such will not be perfectly aligned. {But we are pretty darn good…just not machines!}


Additional information

Chain Length

16 Inch, 18 Inch, 20 Inch, 24 Inch

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