Personalized 4-Sided Bar Keychain


Words, dates, and symbols are powerful daily reminders of where we’ve been and often times where we are going. The day our husband, on bended knee, asked for our hand in marriage, a cross reminding us of our faith, the dates our babies were born. No matter which combination of these you choose, they are your story and your reminders. This Personalized 4-Sided Bar Keychain holds the most text of any of our items, leaving so much room for love.



Personalized 4-Sided Bar Keychain

Our 4-sided bar can hold a lot of characters and can be stamped on 4 sides (see bottom of page for character limits). The blank measures 1/4 in square and 1 1/2 in long. The blank will be customized based on the text you leave in the notes when checking out.


  • Made of aluminum which offers: The look of silver (without the expense), will not tarnish, much lower rate of skin reaction than with sterling silver, virtually weightless but still very sturdy

Character Limits

  • Side 1 (Side) up to 11 characters
  • Side 2 (Side) up to 11 characters
  • Side 3: (Front) up to 14 characters
  • Side 4 (Back) up to 14 characters: