Mens Leather GPS Bracelet


For centuries, Sea Captains led their men to harbor, to that special place that held their family and the place where they belonged, using merely a sextant and the stars. Just like the Captains gazing at the horizon, our mens leather GPS bracelet will help remind him of the beautiful landscape of memories awaiting him at home.

Every couple has that special place where something life altering occurred. You know that spot where he tenderly got down on one knee and asked you to become his wife or where you watched as he set tear filled eyes on your newborn baby for the first time.  The overwhelming emotion of that special day can be commemorated in two simple lines, holding a memory forever, but a secret just between the two of you.


Mens Leather GPS Bracelet

Coordinates that include:

  • Your child’s place of birth (be it hospital, birthing center, or your home)
  • Place where you were married
  • Place of your first date
  • Location of your childhood home
  • Anywhere on the Globe you can Imagine
  • You can find coordinates by visiting this website

Dimensions & Details:

  • Large blank size is 45 mm
  • Small tag is 21 mm.
  • Blanks are made of Aged Brass
  • Band is made of brown suede

Please leave the following in the Notes when you check out: 1) Your Coordinates 2) Info for the small tag 3) Wrist size. If this is not provided, then it will be made to 8 in wrist size. 

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 5 in