Lunar Moon Phase Cuff Bracelet


Are you the sorta person that gets transfixed by looking up at the moon? Maybe you plan your life around the moon phases or feel the effects of the her placement in the vast sky, just like tides on the ocean. No matter what you believe – you can’t deny her beauty. These 5 moon phases are lovingly stamped by hand against the beautiful silvertone and high shine of the cuff. Every little minute detail of the moon topography shows with each phase of our Lunar Moon Phase Cuff Bracelet. Grab one for yourself and one for your moon lovin’ sister (or brother!) YES, these look great on guys too and are available in a larger size for guys wrists too!

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Lunar Moon Phase Cuff Bracelet

  • The front of the Lunar Moon Phase Cuff Bracelet will be stamped as shown in photo with all 5 moon phases in beautiful detail.
  • We offer this in 2 sizes Average (Wrist Size 7-8) or Large (Wrist size 8-9)
  • The cuff bracelet is 3/8 wide 12 gauge 100% aluminum
  • Aluminum is a wonderful alternative to Sterling Silver. It is lightweight but durable and will not tarnish. These are polished to a high shine and reflect just a beautifully as sterling!

Care:  Limit exposure to water as it will eventually cause the darkening of numbers & letters to fade.

These cuff bracelets are not suggested for wrist sizes less then 7 inches due to breakage. With a wrist this small you will need to bend the bracelet too far to keep it on your wrist and the bending will eventually create a weak spot in the middle of the bracelet. This will eventually snap. Contact me for a custom listing if you have a wrist this size so we can work on a custom size.


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Wrist Size

Average ({Wrist Size 7-8}, Large {Wrist Size 8-9}