Custom Silver Leather Wrap Bracelet


Ever come across a quote online, something short yet so full of meaning? We’ve scoured all those over the past years and created our wrap bracelets as a reflection of those. Bit sized positive messages that can be worn as a reminder with our Positive Message Triple Wrap Leather Bracelet.

The beautiful leather sets off the tone of the brass perfectly & the triple wrap and stud closure allow for it to be worn by virtually any size. The phrase is stamped by hand, one hammer strike at a time with just the perfect amount of detail.


  • This will fit 7-8.5 wrist. Is your wrist size less than 7 in? Leave size in box below & we'll punch an extra hole.¬†


Custom Silver Leather Wrap Bracelet

Our Custom Silver Leather Wrap Bracelet is adjustable with 3 holes and has a stud style closure (see last photo)

  • Bracelet is adjustable to roughly a 7 to 8.5 inch wrist size. Need a smaller size? We can add an additional hole if you send us your wrist size.
  • Wording will be stamped by hand as shown
  • Stamped blank is solid sterling silver.
  • We offer 2 styles of leather. One is a plain smooth leather and the other is embossed where a pattern is carved into the leather ( see last two photos of examples)
  • Bracelet should not be worn while sweating, bathing, or sleeping as this will cause the leather to break down faster over time.

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Prefer a different phrase? Then contact us here and lets work on a custom order.

Additional information

Wrap Color

Black, Brown, Tan, Turquoise, Embossed Black, Embossed Brown


Hold On Pain Ends, Find Your Fire, Live a Good Story, Live More, Worry Less, See The Good, Be The Exception, Perfectly Imperfect, Go Wild, For a While