Angel Wing Cremation Keepsake Necklace


Whether it was a long illness or a sudden unexpected loss, the pain of losing a loved one is overwhelming and unbearable at times. With a mighty force, you gravitate towards anything that reminds you of them; a treasured recipe written in her handwriting, the smell of cologne still on his pillow, or the sound of their voice on a saved message. These simple things can, even for a moment, bring some calm to your storm.

Memorial jewelry that holds a bit of their ash, worn close to the heart, can often times make the wearer feel a bit closer to them. A reminder that they are always with them in spirit.


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Angel Wing Cremation Keepsake Necklace

Materials for Angel Wing Cremation Keepsake Necklace :

  • Small Pewter Oval is 20mm tall x 10mm wide x 2mm thick & made of High Quality Jewelry Grade Pewter
  • Angel Wing Urn & 18 in Chain are made of High Quality Jewelry Grade Stainless Steel

Small Pewter Oval: To be stamped with up to 6 characters.

Also included will be everything you need to transfer ashes (or other items) into Urn including: a small funnel, adhesive to seal Urn, and directions. 

Questions about the product or prefer a different phrase, then please contact us so we can help.

~ Please allow 4-6 weeks to create your Angel Wing Cremation Keepsake Necklace ~ To view all the items in our Remembrance line, then click here.

Our Angel Wing Cremation Keepsake Necklace can hold more than just ashes including: memorial ground from a family homestead or grave site, earth from their favorite location, sand from a memorial service, even a small lock of hair. Let us capture the memory of your loved one and provide you a daily reminder worn close to your heart.

These necklaces are a wonderful way to preserve the memory of your loved one, no matter the relationship. Whether it’s the loss of a mother, loss of a father, loss of a husband, loss of a wife, loss of a son, loss of a daughter, loss of friend, or loss of anyone that meant the world to you, we want to make something that you will cherish and wear with pride in their memory.