We know….it’s hard finding a good gift for mom. I mean she’s done so much for you over the years. Wiped your hiney when you were little, cleaned up your messes more times than you can count (even before you knew what counting was!) and loved you through those “rough” years. Hello teen angst.

Here’s the thing that you can never really understand till you’re on the other side of motherhood. Yes, it’s rough sometimes, but you wouldn’t trade it for anything. So really anything you buy your sweet mom (or mother-in-law) will be cherished. Here’s a few of our suggestions. Click on photo to read more about each product.

For the outdoorsy camping mama

The perfect personalized mother’s day jewelry for the mama that loves camping ( or just dreams of it.) Customizable with vintage parent campers and baby campers, the possibilities are endless for personalizing this cute little glamping bar necklace. This can hold up to 2 larger campers and 4 baby campers.




For the sentimental mama

For the mom that wants a reminder of “Where” – where she married, where she had her babies, or where she grew up. These hold the coordinates of that place that means to much to her. Customize the second little disc with baby feet, a date, monogram or just about anything else.





For the thankful mama

Motherhood can be a job that sometimes comes without much thanks, but no matter even on the hard days she’s able to see just how incredibly blessed she is to have added MAMA to her title!




For the mama with lots of babies

Let’s face it, regular personalized mama jewelry sometimes just won’t work for those that have more than their 2 kids. This one will hold all their babies names (and also makes a great gift for grandma too!)

You can shop all of our Personalized Mother’s Day Jewelry here.

{Below, me & my girl doing what we love most – camping!}

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