In the end, she became more than what she expected. She became the journey, and like all journeys, she did not end, she simply changed directions and kept on going. -r.m. drake

I was recently contacted by a local customer to make a sterling cuff bracelet. This wasn’t just any bracelet but one with the coordinates to an orphanage in Haiti that she had recently visited with her church group. A trip spent nurturing impoverished mothers, cuddling young children, learning a new culture, and evolving with her church family. She mentioned how the whole event changed her life. If you know me then you could guess that this was right up my alley. A strong story, a memento, and a daily reminder of her journey. Needless to say I said “YES” to the job instantly!

Wanna know the secret? I had no clue how to stamp the sterling cuff*. Yes, someone who has been exclusively stamping for the past 6 years was It's the Journeyclueless & terrified of stamping this cuff, but I said yes anyways. This would require me to move into more expensive materials, raise my prices, and face a bit of impostor syndrome (fear of not being good enough.) But sometimes you just have to suck it up & as Steve Harvey would say “JUMP.”  Wanna know the hilarious part? It’s really not that different that stamping aluminum—–seriously.  🙄

My own assumptions (you know what those do right?) had held me back for far too long. So by helping someone else on their Journey they unknowingly catapulted me into a territory that had been needed for a long time within my own. Maybe we should all think of these things and let those be the basis of our interactions with each other—how can I help this person on their Journey?

*I should also point out that I have an amazingly supportive group of jewelry friends, yes friends in the same industry as me, who were so kind to walk me through what materials to order as well as how to work the sterling so that this could be made. Community over competition truly does exist in this world and I’m so thankful to have found it with them and so many other ladies.