Happy campers are the best kinda campers.

Right after our daughter was born in 2010 our family wished for a little camper to call our own. We wanted an affordable way to travel with the coziness of a tiny camper and the ability to essentially take our home on the road.

Happy Camper Jewelry by Mystic SoulBeing the old soul that I am, I didn’t want a newer camper. It took 2 long years to find something in good shape and in our price range, but we were so glad found this one. Our friends knew about our search and my Camper Dreams Pinterest Board that held all my wishes for this little gem. In a wonderful twist of fate, a friend messaged us about a little camper being sold just a few miles away. We looked at it that night & bought it the next day. I’ll often say that of all the things money can buy this little camper was the best investment!

Since 2012 we’ve made so many memories in our little 15 ft ’82 Sunline coined the Martin Mobile Mansion (Martin is our last name.) One of our fav places to camp is in Western NC in the Brevard area. Brevard is in Transylvania County and is dubbed the Land of Waterfalls. So much beauty in that area and hiking galore. Beauty that doesn’t even seem real. Huge rock faces with the roar of waterfalls nearby.

But back to the camping part, something about our camper made me feel complete, relaxed, and so incredibly comfortable. It’s our family’s little cocoon. An old coffee pot sits on the counter right next to me and I wake up each morning to freshly brewed coffee I can pour without even getting outta bed. The windows are open so a gentle mountain breeze can pass through. The walls are papered with medicinal herbs and their uses which I find incredibly interesting ( and straight outta the 80’s!)  I mean what if we NEED that info, lol.

The camper forces my family to be in close proximity, to enjoy the simplicity of sitting by a fire or walking around a mountain path, listening to the sounds of nature instead of checking notifications on a phone or falling to sleep with the tv. It reminds me of the life that I want. Maybe that’s why I enjoy it so much, it’s simple – in a world where it feels like that’s a rare commodity.

Sterling Silver Happy Camper Necklace


Given my love for this camping life and really anything camper related, it only makes sense to have a small collection of happy camper jewelry. The first of the Happy Camper Jewelry series is a Happy Camper Mama Necklace that you can customize for YOUR camper family! A big air stream for daddy, a smaller vintage camper for mama, and a itty bitty vintage camper for all the kids in tow. We can fit up to two parents & 4 children on this style necklace. And yes, that necklace is mine. 🙂

You can view all the items in this collection by clicking the link here.