Behind the hammer.

Mystic Soul is run by Jessica Martin, a homeschooling mama with a bionic heart*. We’ll get there, but first let’s start at the beginning.

When I was a kid I watched my father, a 4th generation self-employed carpenter, take blocks of wood and fashion them into beautiful items for our home. My mother would collect grapevine from our backyard and twist them into wreaths which she sold at a local shop. Through watching their talents, I learned about working with my hands and the joy of seeing someone’s face light up when they received their handmade gift. From sewing to pottery, I loved creating and gifting to family & friends throughout my childhood.

A few years ago I purchased my first set of stamps to make my husband a Valentines Gift and fell into my true calling, metal stamping. This item, a GPS Bracelet, not only set me on the path to metal stamping but has single handedly been my most popular item.

Our pieces are inspired by a spirit of wanderlust and nature, coupled with a healthy dose of humor, and a splash of bohemian flair. And words, don’t forget the beautiful quotes that spark our imagination & turn the wheels as we customize phrases into beautiful works of art.

My spare time (insert laugh here) is spent homeschooling my seven-year-old daughter, camping with my family in our tiny 15ft vintage camper, listening to classic rock, and scouring thrift stores for old vinyl.

*Bionic heart? In a nutshell, after intermittent fainting throughout my life & with the last spawning my first ambulance ride/head wounds, tests were ran which revealed my heart had been stopping during all of these episodes. Needless to say at my Cardiologist’s recommendation a Pacemaker was implanted on 7/28/2015 (at the age of 36.)